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Meetings, debates, and the pooling of ideas have been a part of ALCINE for years now. First, at the meetings of the now defunct Shortlatino short film market, and now through the ALCINE Forum, the ideal space for anyone interested in learning about everything to do with short film and new audiovisual trends.

This year we are centring on three offerings. The first takes us into territory that initially might seem unrelated to cinema, although the connections are undeniable: television series. Their ties to short film, which has become the main hunting ground for televisions companies looking to hire filmmakers (and scriptwriters, technicians, etc.), are of interest to us and worthy of analysis. Professionals working as filmmakers and producers and on platforms, as well as film critics, will provide insight into this area which we consume so much of (watching series could almost be defined as a new modern-day addiction), but which we know so little about, at least as regards its backroom.

The forum will also include a presentation of emerging filmmakers, a publication (together with a programme of short films to be screened at ALCINE48) that will somehow take up the baton of the main theme of last year’s festival: women and their role in cinema, previously virtually under wraps, but now fighting to occupy the space they rightfully deserve. A collective book in which various voices bring us into contact with an unstoppable phenomenon that seems to have that burst into play all over the world.  


And lastly, the forum will be hosting the Coordinadora del Cortometraje Español (Spanish Short Film Coordinator) which, on celebrating its tenth anniversary, wishes to reflect and seek out new ideas in relation to the challenges of the association looking to the future.


Although the festival is surrounded by images, this ALCINE Forum will make the spoken word, dialogue, and the presentation and confrontation of ideas the true protagonists.

Crossroads between short film and television series


Since the beginning of the 21st century, the quality of fictional series has skyrocketed, which over the years has given rise to an explosion in the number television productions. In the heat of this growth we have borne witness to the birth of new production companies and channels, numerous viewing platforms, and almost without noticing it, we have radically changed the way in which we consume television.


In less than twenty years we have witnessed how we are increasingly unconnected to television schedules and how videos on demand are progressively taking over, as they adapt to the schedules of our lives and not the other way round, not to mention mobile devices (telephones, tablets) on which the trend is to consume ever more hours thanks to internet video platforms.


This boom in fiction series has attracted audiences in their millions to stories told in parts, and is making great use of the resources of the film industry. It is not surprising, therefore, that at a festival such as ours, with its roots in short film, we should show an interest in the direction in which this industry is going and its echoes in the audiovisual sector.


To this end, we considered the best idea would be to invite professionals to Alcine who work on series, in different ways and from different perspectives, with regard to the fact that many of them have also been involved in the world of short and feature films. Three meetings will be held on different themes over the weekend of the 10th and 11th of November:


First, we will talk to professionals working in the production, distribution and broadcasting of television series and short films; the people who choose one kind of content over another and those who provide a link between the creators and the audience. They will help us get an idea as to the current situation of these industries and the future challenges they are facing.


We will then talk to directors, some of whom have also worked in the world of short films, who have gone into television to take up the opportunity to tell stories in a different format.


And lastly, we will focus on the novelties and trends of television fiction series alongside critics and scholars of these serialised stories.



10 years of the Coordinadora del Cortometraje Español

Do associations have a purpose?

What should they be like? What should they aim for?

Ten years have passed since the revolt of the short filmmakers in 2008, outraged because the Film Academy wanted to expel them from the Goya Awards. Ten long years since the Coordinadora was set up, during which time the institution has worked tirelessly in ongoing harmony and close cooperation with the Plataforma de Nuevos Realizadores (PNR) (Platform for New Filmmakers) and the Asociación de la Industria del Cortometraje (AIC) (Short Film Industry Association), set up in 2013 to represent short film companies, basically production and distribution companies.

Its most outstanding achievements include the establishment of stable and fluid communication with the Film Academy and the ICAA, which has changed its general direction seven times over those ten years.

Having met the initial objective of functioning as a line of communication, the next steps are to grow, mature, consolidate and become more ambitious. To this end, it is essential to question everything, make inquiries and self-analyse. In debates such as this one, the Coordinadora aims to find out the opinion, criticisms and ideas of the sector involved, whether this involves professionals or just members of Spain’s extended short film family.




Jorge Sanz, president.

Pepe Jordana, general coordinator.

Millán Vázquez, founding president

And those in attendance will also participate, since the aim is to achieve dialogue, openly and horizontally, as will the association itself. The Coordinadora invites those attending to make specific proposals, which will be gathered together and taken into account. Distinguished members of Spain’s extended short film family will also be invited to join the debate.

Saturday the 10th of November, former Hospital Santa María La Rica.


11h Production - Distribution

Sara Gonzalo

Production director at Bambú Productions.


Mafalda González.

Director of projects at Flooxer.


Pablo Barrera.

Guionista y productor, conocido por “Punta Escarlata” (2011), “Cuenta atrás” (2007) y “El corazón del océano” (2014).


Pepe Jordana.

Producer and director of films, among others the award-winning short films ‘Contracuerpo’ (Best National Production, International Film Festival of Almería, 2005) and ‘Ainhoa’ (Best Social Short Film, Film Festival Santa Cruz, Argentina, 2018).


13h Directors

Juan Cavestany.

Playwright, screenwriter and director. Creator of the tv series ‘Vergüenza’. He participated in previous editions of ALCINE with feature length films and short films such as ‘Esa Sensción’, ‘Gente en Sitios’ or ‘Microondas’.


Belén Macías. 

Director and Screenwriter for cinema and television productions. Director of series such as ‘Victor Ros’ (2016) or ‘Fugitiva’ (2018). He participated in Alcine with feature length films and short films. Award winner of the 2001 Edition with ‘Mala Espina’.

Domingo 11 de noviembre Antiguo Hospital Santa María La Rica.

 11h Crítica:

Natalia Marcos.

Journalist for the newspaper El País, at currently in the Television department and coordinator of the blog of the series Quinta Temporada.


Alberto Rey.

Creator of the known blog of the series ‘Asesinos en serie’. Alberto Rey writes about series and ‘everything that comes up’ in media like El Mundo, Icon, GQ, Esquire. Additionally you could have listened to him in the SER or RNE and he was also seen in some programs of Movistar+.


Conchi Cascajosa.

Profesor in the department of Journalism and Audiovisual COmmunication at the Universidad Carlos III Madrid. She holds a PhD diploma in Audiovisual Communication with a award for an outstanding PhD thesis (2005) and she graduated in Audiovisual Communication (2001), noth degrees obtained at the Universidad Sevilla. She wrote books like ‘Dentro del Ministerio del Tiempo’ (2015) or ‘La Cultura de las Series’ (2016).



12h Presentation of publication:

Emerging filmmakers. Women in cinema in the 21st century


12:30h Debate:

Ten years of the Coordinadora del cortometraje español




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