A wall is a screen

Today in many inner cities the streets are filled with life, fueled by the businesses and workplaces during daytime but after business hours the inner city becomes deserted. The project ‘A Wall is a Screen’ takes advantage of the “nightly downtime” in the vitality of the downtown area and at the same time invites to break with the routine. Since A Wall is a Screen is a combination of a guided city tour and a film night, the participants can discover their cities from new perspectives. Equipped with a projector, sound system, and generator, the group conquers the city. Walls become screens and streets provide comfort what is not available in the seats of a cinema.

The group of participants walks through downtown and stops at bright walls where short films of various genres are shown. After the end of a film, the group continues to the next wall and film. As a film night, the project can have surprising effects. A film corresponds with the screening location and the screening location with the film. Films can be shown at the very location as which they were originally created. The location and passers-by seem to interact with the film, become part of it. Street noises seem to have an impact on the action of the film.

We are pleased to welcome again  'A Wall is a Screen' in Spain.


A wall is a screen