The Beds of Others

España. 2018. Color. 15 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Jonay García.
  • Scriptwriter: Jonay García.
  • Cast: Juancho Aguiar; Paloma Albaladejo; Adeun Cáceres; Raquel García; Sofía M. Privitera; Miguel Ángel Thous; Francisco Vera.
  • Cinematography: Santiago Torres.
  • Editing: Oscar Santamaría.
  • Art director: Job Díaz Concepción.
  • Music: Jonay Armas.
  • Sound: Manuel Tricás.
  • Producer: Jairo López; Domingo J. González.

Laura is a sexual assistant for people with functional diversity. Her boyfriend, Marco, is desperate to find work to change the situation. Perhaps the only thing all we need is a little affection to feel alive.

Jonay García

Degree in Art History, highlights in his filmography titles as ‘Sirope de fresa’, ‘El secreto’ and ‘Ayer empezó todo’. Together with Digital 104, the production company he is a founder member, he has directed the short films ‘Acto Primero’ and ‘Veneno’, selected in more than twenty international festivals. In addition, he has been director of photography for the feature film ‘Modernos. Avant-garde theater in the Canary Islands’; head of production in the short film ‘Como siempre’; and assistant director in the short film ‘Ridícula’.


"Veneno" (2012) / "Acto primero" (2007) / "Insecto" (2007) / "Roto" (2007) / "El plano" (2006) / "Ayer empezó todo" (2003) / "El secreto" (2002) / "First Minute / Last Minute" (2002) /  "Sirope de fresa" (2000)


  • · 12/21/2018 - 21:00 at Teatro Salón Cervantes