In Those Lands

España. 2018. Color. 12 min. Documental. .
  • Film Director: Nayra Sanz Fuentes.
  • Scriptwriter: Nayra Sanz Fuentes.
  • Cinematography: Nayra Sanz Fuentes.
  • Editing: Nayra Sanz Fuentes.
  • Sound: Nayra Sanz Fuentes.
  • Producer: Javier Sanz Fuentes; Nayra Sanz Fuentes.

These lands belong to those who inhabited them, inhabit them and who will one day also occupy them. They condense the relationship between man and nature, violence and culture, the divine and the material, the change and the permanent...

Nayra Sanz Fuentes

Nayra Sanz has a degree in Hispanic Philology. She did part of her doctoral thesis in Berlin. She studied a Master of Film Direction in NY. She has directed five short films and her first feature film is 'As Old as the World'.

"Sub Terrae" (2017) / "Un día cualquiera" (2014) / "Tan Antiguo como el Mundo" (2012) / "Things in Common" (2011) / "Encounter (2010) / "Anniversary" (2009)


  • · 11/15/2018 - 18:30 at Corral de Comedias