Croacia. 2018. Color. 7 min. Animación. .
  • Film Director: Veljko Popovic.
  • Scriptwriter: Veljko Popovic.
  • Editing: Veljko Popovic.
  • Animation: Lucija Bužančić; Sander Joon; Chloe Roux; Goran Stojnić; Mario Vrandečić.
  • Co-production: Francia

During the final cycling race, the two men in the lead are competing for more than the Grand Trophy; they are fighting for the affection of a lady and fulfilment of their erotic fantasies. Meanwhile, the small port town prepares for the arrival of a large ocean liner and its dashing captain.

Veljko Popovic

Veljko was born in 1979. He graduated in 2003 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Department of Painting. He works with computer graphics since 1998. He's co-founder of Lemonade3D, studio for CG and animation and also teaches at the Arts Academy in Split. His films have been screened in over 200 festival worldwide, winning numerous awards. He was a jury member at several international film festivals.

''Planemo'' (2016) / ''Otac'' (2012) / ''Dove sei, amor mio'' (2011) / ''Moj  put'' (2010) / ''Ona koja mjeri'' (2008)


  • · 11/11/2018 - 19:45 at Corral de Comedias